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One on One Coaching

We offer individualised one on one coaching to couples and singles.  We know life can be tough and often gets in the way of strong, long term relationships.   

When something just isn’t working and you need a little support, relationship coaching can help you identify negative/unproductive behaviours and turn these into positive patterns that strengthen your bond or assist you to find the one for you

Support group for single women

Beck Thompson (owner and creator of The Relationship Circle) host's a free support community for women on facebook.

The Dating Circle is a safe space for women to share all things dating & relationships.

Regardless of the relationship you are seeking or your sexuality. This is the space for YOU. To ask questions, share resources, give advice and share what has worked or hasn’t worked for you.

Together with you in this group is Dating & Relationship Coach Beck Thompson. She will be popping into the group to share her thoughts, observations, pose questions and topics for you to think about, videos and more.

Group Programs

UP-Level Love

Everything you need to know about Dating, Love, Relationships and YOU.

In this 10 week group coaching program you will work closely with Beck Thompson - Australia's Relationship Coach, who will guide you towards finding the one for you.

This group coaching program has an online self study component coupled with online support and coaching sessions designed to get you long lasting results fast.




Do you feel that your partner and you are not hearing each other when you are in conflict?  Are you having the same arguements over and over again?  

Working with a relationship coach to identify the patterns that are repeating and working on changing them is often what is needed to ensure you can have productive conflict, rather than feeling like you're hitting your head against a brick wall


Often in our relationships we trigger our partners by something we say or do.  The issue is neither of you is aware why this trigger has happened.  It is therefore very frustrating to both of you and over time this will lead to the relationship breaking down.

Work with us to help identify those triggers and patterns that continue to occur and work towards building relationship resiliance to ensure you do last the test of time.


When we first get into a relationship it is exciting and our relationship thrives off the unknown, the mystery, the play.  However, as time goes on in a relationship we tend to learn towards the safe and predictable, which unfortunately leads to a decline in intimacy and sex.

Working to balance the safe and predictible with the exciting and mysterious can be challenging and often requires outside assistance.

This is just one of the reasons intimacy might be an issue in your relationship.  Work with us to understand and restore the passion in your relationship.


Are you unsure if the relationship you are in is toxic?  Is it unclear whether this is a relationship you should be staying in or leaving?

Toxic relationships come in many forms and it is not always easy to see (when you are in them) what the right path for you is to take.

Work with us to help you identify what is ok and what is not.


Whether you are in a relationship and want to boost your confidence within the relationship or you are single and want to build your confidence to attract the right partner, we can help you.


The end of any relationship can be devestating regardless of how it occured.  You can find yourself question why me? why did it happen? what went wrong.

Working through these issues and exploring the grief and loss is essential prior to getting into another relationship.