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This challenge is for you if...

✪You feel out of sorts with your relationship
✪ You'd love to improve your communication to enable you to reconnect 
 You're noticing more fighting & less loving - and that's not ok with you
✪ The bickering in your relationship is getting exhausting!

Reconnect with your partner and build long lasting intimacy and alignment within your relationship

If you are looking for...

✪ A relationship full of fun, play and intimacy
✪ The spark reigniting and your relationship feeling fresh, new and exciting 
 Increased understanding and connection
✪ Enjoying each others company more 
✪ The connected relationship you have been desiring for years

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What to expect in the 7 day challenge?

✪ An interactive workbook to support you with the challenge
✪ A live daily video series
✪ Free daily support from Relationship Coach - Beck Thompson
Connection with a group of like minded individuals
✪ Practical tools and tips to improve communication and connection with your partner 
✪ Fun, work and play all at once!

Meet Beck...

"Have enough courage to 
trust love one more time and always one more time."
 —Maya Angelou

Beck Thompson - Owner and Founder of The Relationship Circle & Relationship Coach, believes that when life throws your relationship curve balls, you need to dig deep, face the true issues and get real strategies that work now.  Whether you’re in the first-year relationship blues, stumbling through moving into together, getting married, the first few years of having kids, or them leaving home, life’s relationship circle can sometimes be rough and you may need a little help along the way. 

Drawing on over 10 years in counselling, social work and life coaching, Beck’s no nonsense, deep approach seeks to understand what’s happening for you and your partner now.   Working with individuals or couples to identify the issues and change behavior patterns for each person in a compassionate and loving way allows you to find your way back to each other.  With honesty, openness and support, Beck will help you reestablish strong bonds that can endure life’s challenges.